Wholesale Greeting Cards

Greeting Cards

Buy wholesale greeting cards online from our huge range. We stock a fantastic selection of high-quality, well finished greeting cards from the best publishers in the market. We also bring premium direct to retail (DTR) suppliers to you under one roof.

With over 40 years experience as a wholesale greeting card supplier we’re confident you’ll be able to find the perfect selection of cards for your retail outlet. Our range covers all occasions from weddings to birthdays, anniversaries to sympathy.  

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We are offering 3 new coupons to save you 10% off everything across the site until 30/06/2024. Coupons can only be used once and one at a time and must be used by the expiry date. You can activate your coupon in your account dashboard and the discount will be applied. Make the most and top up your greeting cards. 

Male Birthday Cards

We have recently created a dedicated section for our open male birthday cards, we have curated an attractive range of male cards with the latest designs from our best suppliers. You can now find Paper Rose, Ling and Nigel Quiney designs too! 

Female Birthday Cards

Our female birthday section has a beautiful range of open female greeting cards with the latest fresh designs to choose from. We have added new well known premium publishers such as Paper Rose, Ling and Nigel Quiney.

Humorous Cards

We have selected a range of humour cards that remain appropriate and amusing, offering an additional choice to your customers in choosing what to send to their friends and family. 

Blank Cards

Find an array of beautiful greeting card designs left blank for neutral appeal, we have selected a blend of styles and sizes to give a good selection of blank cards. 

Friend Cards

For friend related greeting card titles, we have curated this attractive range of greeting cards with attractive designs. Our buyers have selected the best designs from our industry leading suppliers. We have also added friend greeting cards from our DTR publishers Ling, Paper Rose and Nigel Quiney.

Female Relation Cards

We stock a huge range of female relation greeting cards with titles and fresh designs from Simon Elvin, Second Nature, Out of The Blue Studios, Ling, Xpress Yourself and many more. Titles in this section include Mum, Wife, Sister, Auntie and so on.  

Male Relation Cards

 Well Over 1000 designs and titles to cover all of the relations. Titles in this section include: Husband, Dad/Daddy, Son, Brother, Nephew, Uncle, Cousin, Grandson, Grandad, Godson and all relevant In-Law permutations offering a fantastic range of male relation greeting cards.  

Age Related Cards

Don't miss all of the key age milestones and choose from a wide range of greeting card ages, styles and sizes giving you plenty of choice and price points to work with. 

Birth & Baby Cards

Help your customers celebrate the most beautiful of events, we stock an attractive range of birth greeting cards for both before and after birth celebrations. 

Sympathy Cards

We have curated a range of sympathy card designs appropriate for sending gestures of kindness during sympathy and loss. You can find a range of styles and price points to offer different choices. 

Wedding & Anniversary Cards

We adore the wedding & anniversary cards that our publishers create, they often produce their most impressive designs in this area, we have brought a blend of premium and wholesale wedding & anniversary cards together to bring you the best choice available. 

Occasions Cards

There are many titles that do not fit under our other sections so we have created this section to keep all of the special occasion cards in one area. As with all of our other sections, we have curated a blend of DTR and wholesale publishers to bring the best of both ends of the industry into one place. 

Value Cards

To help achieve the lowest possible price points, we have a range of value cards which maintain a good design and quality whilst also offering a low price point to offer customers. 


Supplier Showcase

Great British Card Company

Great British Card Company

The latest addition to our unrivalled publisher range is the well known industry brand Great British Card Company, we are excited to bring their beautiful cards along side our other great publishers to give you fantastic choice, quality and selection of product. 

Ling Greeting Cards

We are very pleased to present Ling greeting cards to our online trade customers. One of the UK’s most well known publishers, Ling offer a premium product range - their designs speak for themselves. ArchwayCards.com is the only place that you can find such a creative blend of the very best in the greeting card trade.  

Second Nature Cards

Second Nature have been producing consistently attractive greeting cards for many years and we are pleased to bring the very best of their ranges to you. You can find Second Nature cards in this dedicated section or amongst our main sections in the appropriate places. 

Nigel Quiney Cards

One of our best selling premium brands, Nigel Quiney cards are consistently well designed bringing beautiful designs and quality together for a reliable seller at higher margins. 

Paper Rose Cards

Lovely designs, quality product by a well known publisher, Paper Rose cards compliment our wholesale greeting card ranges and add DTR premium quality as an alternative choice for your card buying. 


For something different, we now stock a range of cards from Scribbler, a well known high street brand producing humour cards that appeal to a new demographic including younger buyers. Take a look at Scribbler

Into The Green Cards

One of the first to introduce truly eco friendly greeting cards, Into the Green are an innovative publisher who have ensured that materials and manufacturing processes are ecologically sensitive and utilise recyclable components without sacrificing quality. 

Country Cards

We love the illustrations produced by Country Cards, producing traditional and humorous designs, this popular range has a variety of tastes and scenes. 

GD Cards

GD Cards

For unique and traditional illustrations, GD cards are a popular range of cards depicting a range of scenes and landscapes. 


Popular Ranges

Simon Elvin Everyday Collection 2024

Simon Elvin Spring Everyday Collection

Now in - Simon Elvin's Spring Everyday Collection, we have curated this section to match their catalogue for easy ordering. The range offers an excellent price point coupled with nice designs, take a look at the Spring Everyday Collection.   

Simon Elvin Main Range 2024

Freshly updated, we have now taken delivery of Simon Elvin's Main Range with new designs for 2024. We have created this section to showcase the latest designs which can also be found in our title based sections too. 

Simon Elvin Autumn Range

Simon Elvin Autumn Range

We are please to bring you that latest designs from Simon Elvin's autumn range, we have created a section that follows their catalogue to help make buying easier. 

Isabels Garden Cards

Isabels Garden cards are a popular range from Simon Elvin, the cards are handmade and feature extra details such as glitter / raised decorations for an extra dimension and differentiator over standard cards. 

Yours Truly Card Range

Yours Truly by Second Nature is an attractive range of competitively priced cards from this premium publisher. Take a look. 

Rainbow Humour Cards

Rainbow humour cards are a range designed by Ling and cover a range of humorous designs offering another point of difference for your card range.  

Quitting Hollywood Cards

A range from Second Nature, Quitting Hollywood cards are another humorous range that we offer in order to provide you with another dimension to your card buying.