We aim to offer alternative product lines to our customers that offer other ways of increasing sales. From fashion and jewellery to photo frames and homeware, we have a variety of giftware in our sections found below.

Gift Stationery

Take a look at our attractive range of gift stationery featuring the popular 'Padblocks' brand. You can find notepads, weekly planners, chalkboards and more.
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Jewellery and Fashion

Find a range of fashion and jewellery related items here, we stock scarves, handbags, Equilibrium jewellery, wallets and more.

Household Giftware

Our household gift section brings together a number of attractive home gift themes that suit a variety of retail environments. From seaside to country kitchen we have a wide selection.


This section contains figurines depicting various scenes, dinosaurs, birds and sporting moments.

Photo Frames

We can supply a wide variety of photo and picture frames for a number of occasions, celebrations and other relevant uses. We stock both plain and themed frames.


Find trinket boxes, paper weights, Bookmarks and other trinket related product lines here.

Money Boxes

This section contains money boxes for adults and children with bright designs and clever shapes to choose from.

Wedding and Anniversary Gifts

A great occasion for retail opportunities, we offer a variety of appropriate product for both wedding and anniversaries in this section.

Age Related Gifts

Make the most of the age milestone occasions with our age themed product lines designed to meet each of the ages with style and choice.


Find a range of mugs / cups with messages, pictures, quotes and other unique designs ideal for retail.

Soft Toys

Find good quality soft toys / plush in our section which offers a wide choice of types and styles.

Baby Gifts

Another of the great occasions, we offer a range of cute and modern baby gift ideas ideal for retailers looking to add product lines for this popular occasion.