Wholesale Balloons

Foil Balloons

Choose from our large foil balloon and latex balloon sections with accompanying accessories to match. We stock popular and modern balloons with a variety of fresh designs for a range of different occasions. We select lines from well known manufacturers for quality and reliability so that our customers can sell with confidence and choice.

Foil Birthday Balloons

Find an extensive range of foil birthday balloons with bright designs for a variety of tastes. You can also find square and other shaped foil balloon designs.

Age Foil Balloons

Our age related balloon section  contains foil balloon designs for ages 1 to 100 with all of the popular milestones included. We also stock super shape number balloons.

Birth & Christening Balloons

We stock an attractive range of foil birth balloons for new baby related occasions.

Foil Occasion Balloons

For all of the other popular occasions and life milestones, we have a bright and popular range of foil occasion designs. 

Wedding & Anniversary Foils

Find a selection of foil balloon designs for wedding balloons, engagements, anniversaries and more.

Cartoon, Shapes, Blank Foil Balloons

Ideal for many situations, this section contains creative foil shapes, designs and characters that contain no specific message.

Solid Colour Foils

Find high quality, plain coloured foil balloons ideal for a number of creative applications.

Latex Balloons

We offer a range of high quality latex balloons in a variety of colours and prints.

Balloon Weights

We have a range of balloon weights useful to keep those helium balloons on the ground as well as offering creative up-selling opportunities for bespoke balloon products.

Balloon Ribbon

Balloons need ribbon and we stock a variety of high quality ribbon reels in various colours ideal for our balloon products.

Balloon Accessories

For everything else related to balloons such as filling kits, hi-float and more, our balloon accessories section is the place to find it.