Wholesale Gift Wrapping

Gift Wrap

Our gift wrapping section contains carefully selected product ideal for retailers to make the most of their customer's occasions throughout the year. We also offer matching gift tag and flat wrap design themes as well as a very popular gift bag selection.

We buy from only the best suppliers and pass on competitive pricing with service to match. 

Flat Wrap

Find fresh new designs for various occasions with plenty of choice from well known suppliers. We only stock high quality flat wrap paper.

Gift Tags

An important accompaniment to the gift wrapping, we stock an array of gift tags to match our gift wrapping. 

Roll Wrap

Our roll wrap section contains attractive everyday wrapping paper designs from popular suppliers, we only supply good quality wrapping paper.

Gift Bags

Gift bags make for a great retail line, we stock bags for a variety of occasions and celebrations. We only stock good quality gift bags from well know suppliers giving you confidence and reputable product to retail. 

Gift Boxes

Gift boxes, like gift bags, offer your customers another way to send their gifts in attractive packaging, we stock a range of everyday gift boxes appropriate for various occasions.  

Bows & Ribbons

To compliment the various product lines we offer, we stock a range of attractive bows, ribbons and related accessories for a wide range of applications. 

Tissue Paper

To add the final touch to a gift, tissue paper is a low cost but effective added extra that gives a nice finish. We stock a range of colours and types to suit most applications.