Greeting Card Size Guide

We label all of our greeting card product lines with a 'codesize'.

These codesizes and codes relate to the following dimensions:

Codesize 50: 140mm wide x 190mm high.
Codesize 72: 145mm wide x 245mm high.
Codesize 75: 170mm wide x 245mm high.
Codesize 90: 190mm wide x 260mm high.
Codesize 125: 190mm wide x 290mm high.

For reference codesize 50 is the most popular greeting card size.

Bubble Envelope Size Guide

We stock bubble envelopes by letter size A - H:

A: 175mm x 120mm
B: 225mm x 140mm
C: 225mm x 170mm
D: 275mm x 200mm
E: 275mm x 240mm
F: 350mm x 250mm
G: 350mm x 260mm
H: 370mm x 290mm

Gift Bag Sizing

We stock gift bags from a number of suppliers, the following dimensions are approximate, for clarification please get in touch with us:

Extra Large: 320mm x 395mm x 149mm
Large: 260mm x 321mm x125mm
Medium: 215mm x 265mm x 100mm
Small: 160mm x 190mm x 75mm
Bottle Bags: 125mm x 365mm x 100mm