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Mothers Day Greeting Cards Now Online

We are pleased to put our Mothers Day range for 2019 online. As always we have provided you with the best of the designs available from reputable and well known suppliers.

We have also added complementary product to the Mothers Day cards such as balloons and giftware offering you an opportunity to make the most of the event.

Take a look at the Mothers Day section.


Wholesale Fathers Day 2015

fathers day

You can now find Fathers Day Greeting Cards online ready for 2015. We have brand new designs fresh from the best suppliers. As this is a limited seasonal range, order early to ensure stock availability. If you have any questions, we are available on 01603 701 225 for any queries or advice.

2015 Valentines Day Cards Online

Valentines Day 2015
You can now find a range of 2015 Valentines Day cards online. We have a limited seasonal selection to help you make the best of the Valentines trade. We also have stock of Valentines soft toys and more Valentines foil balloons to follow. As always, please call 01603 701 225 if you have any queries.

Wholesale Christmas Cards

Christmas Section 2014

The Christmas season is upon us once again and we have started to put this year’s range online.

You can currently find Christmas counter cards and the popular Impact box assortments available to order now.

We will also be adding Roll Wrap and other related Christmas sections shortly.

Feel free to call us on 01603 701 225 for any advice or questions related to your Christmas buying.

Fathers Day Greeting Cards

Fathers Day Cards 2014

You can now find a range of Fathers Day greeting cards in our wholesale greeting card section. If you have any further queries about Fathers Day product, please call us on 01603 701 225.

Valentines 2014

Valentines 2014
Christmas is soon over and Valentines is approaching us quickly. We hope you had a good Xmas season and have had a good start to 2014. We have just put up a selection of wholesale Valentines product such as greeting cards, valentines wrap, gift bags with some plush to follow. Stock is limited, ensure you get your order in soon if required, we wish you a successful Valentines season!

More Product Than Ever

Building on our successes over the past year we have been expanding our online offering to more closely mirror our warehouse, supplying retailers of all kinds with a variety of trade product.

We have updated nearly every section of the site with the latest lines, and we have launched a few new ones.

Roll Wrap

Roll Wrap



Household Giftware

Household Giftware

Wedding Novelties

New – Wedding Novelties








New Glassware

New – Glassware

New Place Cards

New – Place Cards

The wrapping section has been significantly updated to include a full compliment of flat wraproll wrapgift tagsgift bagsgift boxesbows & ribbons and more.

Our Jewellery section now includes lines from Equilibrium, a fashionable range of Scarves, Cufflinks and Suncatchers, all excellent niche items for the right retailers.

UK Greeting Card Trends 2012

First Commercial Christmas Card

The first card was produced in 1843.

We have come a long way since the first commercial Christmas card was produced at a volume of 1000 in 1843. According to the Greeting Card Association, the single greeting card market volume in 2012 will be 952 million with a market value of £1.38bn. The average retail price for a Christmas card is now £1.63.

The Royal Mail and Greeting Card Association have recently published some findings related to card sending in 2012. Given the recent price rises in the price of a stamp (30 percent increase for first class and 40 percent for second class), the expectation is that this will have a negative effect especially in the challenging economic environment we find ourselves in the UK. Saga have released an article that states that 1 in 2 over 50’s will send fewer Christmas cards due to the price increases and that 91% of the 10,000 polled said that Christmas represents the only time they will get in touch with some people on their list. Some of the findings from Saga are at odds to the Royal Mail’s however, whilst Sage predicts a drop in card sending, The Royal Mail were expecting an increase.

The findings are not all doom and gloom however and have a positive thing to say about the greeting card market in 2012. Some of the more interesting points were that 80% of people prefer a traditional card over a digital gesture such as an e-card or Facebook message with a quarter of those suggesting that they would feel such gestures as being impersonal. 25 per cent of people intended to make more of an effort to send Christmas cards according to the Royal Mail. The average person is also thought to send 19 cards this year which represents a 27% increase.

The general feeling amongst independent retailers is that the market is currently challenging with existing pressures continuing to create problems such as supermarkets and cut cost multiples, the growth of the E-card market and in particular the rise the cost of postage in 2012 leading toward a downward trend in sales volume. This is not the rule however as some retailers are experiencing year on year growth.

Pre-Order Simon Elvin’s Main Range For 2013


We are excited to be the first to offer a new pre-order service online here at

Customers can now Pre-order greeting cards from Simon Elvin’s 2013 Main Range online. With over 800 different card titles and designs from Simon Elvin, we have a great selection so that you can be ready for 2013 in advance.

Ordering is simple, you can add product from our pre-order sections to your shopping basket as normal, you will be able to see the expected pre-order date listed next to each product.
Once you have finished adding to your basket, proceeding through the checkout will enable you to authorise your payment. We will not actually take payment from your card until the stock has arrived and been allocated to you however.

We are available on 01603 701 225 or via email to [email protected] in case you have any questions about pre-ordering in this way. You can find our pre-order sections either through the website menu or via the following links: