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Wholesale Christmas Cards

Wholesale Christmas Cards

We are pleased to showcase our full range of wholesale Christmas cards for 2018. Our buyers have selected the very best of the latest designs from the most well known and trusted publishers in the industry.

We have brought these together in one convenient place so that you can select lines that are appropriate for you ensuring that you make the most of your retail environment.

We have made some new relationships with premium high street brand publishers to offer higher price points giving you the opportunity to make more margin per sale as well as offering a higher tiered product range. We will be adding to our premium ranges over the coming months into our Everyday sections too. Take a look at the premium Christmas card range, we are loving those designs.

We have split the cards into logical sections so that you can cover all of the important titles necessary to complete a good range of cards.

You can find the Christmas section home page here

Here are the sections:

Christmas Open
Christmas Couples
Christmas Female Relations
Christmas Male Relations
Christmas Friends
Christmas Miscellaneous
Christmas Boxes Assortments
Christmas Wrapping
Christmas Sundry & Gifts

We are still adding products to these sections, if you have any questions please feel free to contact us on +44 1603 701225.